Given the stated idiosyncrasy of the health industry, when ones health declines, the doctor generally prescribes medication to elevate the suffering of the malaise. The vast majority of serious illnesses are commonly referred to idiopathic disorders, meaning that the cause is unknown.

Since there is apparently no known cause for these idiopathic diseases most suffers are destined for a fate which ultimately robs them of their life. All the while they continually re-adapt as their situation deteriorates to the point of death, but throughout the entire process they will be prescribed medicament after medicament to ease their suffering (if they are lucky).

Many of these people experience the "revolving door syndrome" and eventually turn to "alternative" practitioners who also have a host of treatments. Though again we find many of the same problems as in the allopathic sector and while many alternative treatments do work for minor ailments that is not what we are seeking. What we are specifically interested in here are the cures or best treatments for progressive illnesses.

Human nature being what it is, you will find some more determined than others who start individual quests for answers. Before the age of the Internet, you would have found these Navigators in libraries or laboratories, or searching the globe. Now however an important change has taken place. Since the emergence of the interconnected Internet, and the communities that have formed as a result, almost gone are the days where we are divided and left exploited.

We now have at our disposal a system of communication and access to knowledge unprecedented in history. This imposes many important changes and through communication with others who are engaged in similar quests we learn faster. 1, We can verify facts and information given by those who have long exploited ignorance. 2, Through collective experience everyone can add input filling in missing parts in the puzzle. 3, Incorrect "opinions" can be disproved faster. 4, Keys can be shared quicker.

With the obvious advantages of such a wealth of experience and knowledge, this is the arena where quests now gravitate. But there remains the question of authority, and while search engines are wonderful tools they still lack the ability to encapsulate the many requirements and feedback that indicate real Navigators. The quest however for better search engine results brings with it a wealth of focus and knowledge that sheds a blazing torch on the task of choosing the right Navigator.

It is well understood among true Navigators of physiology and dis-ease that the so-called idiopathic disorders are actually caused by terrorists communally known as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other nasties. The so-called "friendly fire" and autoimmune diseases are the result of a weakened immune system that cannot identify the pathogens nor mount sufficient resources to destroy them.

Similar to the idiopathic nature of the maladies of the individual, the "trusted" global world leaders of Demonocracy are focusing their weaponry and immune defense at the wrong targets while the real terrorists who cause malaise go undeterred, continually levying distress, all the while devastation and death occurs around them, but not actually too them.

The quest then Metamorphizes into how to repair the immune system, where upon we come to recognize the gravity of the problem at hand. The endocrine system is probably the most complicated feedback network known among all self-organized self-regulating networks of which our knowledge is limited to say the least. Nevertheless great strides are being made all the time. Just don´t expect to hear about them from the "trusted" authorities any time soon.