For anyone familiar with Stanly Milligrams infamous electric chair experiments, decrypted in his book "Obedience to Authority" there will be little surprise to the following statements.

The global pharmaceutical industry is not only one of the most powerful industries in the world; it largely dominates the global markets and has deep pockets in the political arena. Profiteering from others distress is about the single most guaranteed way of making an extreme amount of profit. Not that there is anything wrong with profit, but there are two very obvious ills with the current statues quo. 1, Conflict of interest. 2, Exploiting others distress.

Arguments used in defense against such claims of conflict of interest, and exploitation, are that these companies are simply providing a valuable service and without the return they make they would not be able to research new cures.

However, in practice the claims remain: 1, Companies who are already profiteering from a particular treatment, will be unwilling to jeopardize profits if new cures threaten existing profits. 2, Companies that profiteer from distress, tread a fine line between providing a valuable service, and extortion. 3, Companies whom profit from distress, stand to make gains when further distress is levied.

That is not to say all such companies are unethical, far from it, just like in any given collection of the population, you will find a vast range of qualities and many levels of competence and ethical standards. But given they are human endeavors they also suffer from human afflictions.

These afflictions are not unique to any particular industry. But are commonly found in all industries that profit from levied distress, or those which exploit the distress of others. Take this example, "The health Industry" be it "allopathic", or "alternative" you will find the same struggles of morality being very often lost.

However, given the power and influence the pharmaceutical industry holds over doctors and researchers, starting with their training in the university of "pharm-aro-grant" and thereafter throughout their working lives, it is little surprise to find that so many of those who have been "trained" follow "orders" willingly. Luckily there are always exceptions to norms and there have been a great number of outstanding exceptions.

An example that demonstrates the point I am conveying is of a nonconformist researcher by the name of Barry Marshall. In 1982 B. Marshall discovered that symptoms of Duodenal Ulcers, Non-ulcer dyspepsia, Gastric (Stomach) Ulcers, Weird Syndromes, and eventually Stomach cancer, that was causing millions deaths and many more millions of suffering was due to a bacterium by the name of H.Pylori. Despite almost 15 years of frustrating campaigning by B. Marshall to the "Industry", there were still common opinions held by Doctors as late as 1995 that ulcers were caused by stress.

The bacterium notion was continually dismissed as absurd until B. Marshall, impatient with the ridicule and mockery and so convinced that the bacterium, which he named Helicobacter pylori after the helicopter shape, was to blame, tested his theory on himself! He swallowed a walloping dose of H. pylori, got sick and, just as he had expected, developed an ulcer. Then he cured himself with a regime of antibiotics and bismuth and changed the course of ulcer treatment worldwide.

If you MSN Search "Dmitriy K. Yuryev Conspiracy Against Discovery of Helicobacter Pylori" the allegations will enlighten anyone to the difficulties facing nonconformist scientists and researchers. There exists an institutionalized intolerance of innovation that is as prevalent today as it was 20 years ago. As a direct result of this phenomenon, lone nonconformist´s or small-connected groups who share the qualities of true Navigators make the vast majority of "major breakthroughs". This is true in almost every industry.

An extreme point of view taken by many who discover this phenomenon, is to tar all such large corporations with the same brush, claiming that these companies are somewhat evil, care only about profit, and exploit distress both willingly and encourage it further.

However this extreme assertion is an oversimplification of the truth. 1, Corporations are generally made up of competent and caring individuals, who collectively produce outstanding achievements. 2, Corporations compete within highly competitive markets, the net result of that is generally one of progress (even despite the corruption, favorably referred to as "competitive intelligence"). 3, Co-operation and collective effort is the natural building block responsible for every beautiful creation of life.

The problem is not caused by the presence of large corporations, but is much more complicated, and blame lies not with the corporations themselves but rather is entrenched in environment in which they operate and compete. The problem is due to the immune system of the host, much like the Endocrine system of living creatures, which within society is constructed from the global economic, legal, and political organization.