The Creatocracy is a vision. One that is in accordance with the nature of creation. Creation, emergence, evolution, and speciation, are all elements of a much wider, more complicated collection of algorithms. Great pioneers throughout history have shaped our world for better and worse, by understanding and developing these concepts and theories, which have then evolved the status-quo.

Some of the most crucial elements of creation stem from the experiences of disasters, crisis´s, mistakes, distress, challenge, and competition; from where courage, determination, persistence, tenacity, even madness drives us to levels simply before unimagined. Without the chaotic life soup, which sometimes challenges us beyond all reason, there would simply be no such thing as life.

Yet that does not mean to say that we need to live in an unorganized world, where chaos is rife, and everything that is beautiful is destroyed. Far from it, our full potential is yet to be achieved. Evolution demonstrates there are many paths, and many risks; some are simply more attractive than others.

To find solutions, improving on the old, creating things of value or beauty, enriching the lives of others, contributing to visions, being part of worthy quests, gives mankind and all of life a reward unrivaled among the senses of satisfaction. These aspirations make life worth living. It is little wonder therefore that competition amongst the players is so rife.

It is clear for all to see that we stand before a bifurcation point. The power balance in the world has been distorted so unnaturally that the very fabric of our society faces collapse within the next 25 years. Alarmist as it would appear the writing is on the wall. Climate change, war, famine, pollution, resources, no matter which way you look, under the current conditions the exponential population increase and vying over lacking resources dramatically increases the inevitably that a collapse will occur, and will most certainly happen in the life time of the coming generation.

The Chinese have a saying "may you live in interesting times" and we certainly do. Power struggles are a natural element of evolution, and are at the core of the direction we follow. Leaders, pioneers, inventors, creators, (heron referred to as Navigators) are the movers and shakers who ride the waves, take the risks, and suffer the consequences; some learn from experiences, while others not, but ultimately it is those bold creatures that slug it out for better or worse.

The qualities of these Navigators vary widely, and are only truly exposed while under extreme pressure; only then we really learn what we are made off, our capacity, endurance, résistance, psychologies, and strategies are exposed never more so vividly then while under crisis.

Clearly the current model of economic civilization, that of the so-called capitalist model, which claims democracy at its core, allows Navigators to be elevated into positions of authority based on "trust", yet who are deficient in the very experiences that would expose their true worth and quality. We allow unproven, untested, unchallenged, often egocentric individuals whose sole desire is to confirm their own sense of authority to dictate policy with consistently disastrous results.

So serious is this failing that the direction being followed is literally dragging us ever closer to the brink of no return at a rate unparalleled in our history. Our global society is controlled by only a few individuals, all of whom lack the real spirit and quality of the true Navigator. This without doubt is the single largest Achilles' heel of our current civilization.

The Creatocracy plan is an alternative vision. A vision so extraordinary, it could only stem from natures own crazy garden of creative foresight. Nature has an inner confidence and a history beyond our wildest possible imaginings. She has already overcome the most horrendous challenges throughout the entire history of life, to carry us this far. Our failure to observe, understand, learn, and emulate her examples will result in frustration at best, and at worst the unthinkable.

During the coming short term, we will revel the beauty of nature´s examples, which if applied to the governance of the global civilization, will result in a world that could only be described as a utopian vision!