There are many possible reasons why we are so ailed in our modern civilization. One reason being that, as resources become abundant, exponential growth expands and the environment and conditions for life become problematic. Another is the result of our abandoning the old natural methods of living. Another being that those concerned about exponential population growth and the inevitable collapse it will cause, set in motion practices to exponentially increase the death rate. But the most likely and by far the most significant is that there is profit in distress, and lots of it too.

Needless to say that the general health of our global environment is slipping very quickly. The difficult question facing us is what to do about it and who should one listen too. With so many opinions, motives, brainwashing, profiteers, all offering advice and direction, it is a daunting task finding the right source of information; that right key for your particular situation which would provide the most elegant solution and rewarding results.

But it is here that we find the most striking correlation, which goes to the core of the Creatocracy project. Not only in health of individuals but also in the health of the global society do we find the same dilemma. Who should rise and become Navigators. Who should be recognized as the highest authority in his sphere of expertise? Who should guide us through these difficult times? Who has the most elegant, yet rewarding solution to offer? How do we find these people, how do we trust them, how can we monitor them and ensure they remain at the leading edge? How can we ensure we get the right person for the right job at the right time?

These are the most important questions found at the core of every single serious problem and challenge that we face. No matter which field of expertise we choose, and no matter what or how serious the dilemma, the fact remains that our fate lies in ensuring that the system of governance that we adopt guarantees the challenges that face us are dealt with by the very best Navigators for that situation.

Yet solving this most challenging puzzle, in itself is not going to guarantee we avoid our possible pending fate. There are many more complex problems that also need to be resolved. Not least lies the question of money. How much are we to be paid, how will we judge tax fairly and individually. How are we going to ensure that the energy we expel is going to be justly returned? How will we ensure our energies are protected from exploitation? How will we ensure that every population´s energy and experience´s are valued equally?

Further, how will we ensure that our taxable contributions will be: 1, Not abused by bureaucrats who lack the essential qualities of a true Navigator. 2, Focused correctly. 3, Not subject to waste. 4, Not lost through corruption. 5, Not abused on negative projects. 6, Well managed. 7, Managed though individual free choice, as well as collectively. 8, Ensure the currency remains stable. 9, Remains totally accountable, and where abused returned to its rightful origin.

Well we have raised some rather pointed questions, and before we come to recognize the solutions, we will need to explore some of the ailments that have plagued us for so long. For without a wider knowledge of the often masked, and unrecognized elements of the current global economic model (hereafter referred to as the DEMON-ocracy) it is likely that we will not recognize the sometimes-subtle differences between a Creatocracy and a Demonocracy.

Also yet to be explored are the fundamental mathematical models given to us by nature who has played these games for an eternity, discovering algorithms and mathematical laws that have resulted in the emergence of life and consciousness to name only a few of the beautiful creations she has delivered thus far.

But before we venture further into the Matrix, let us return to the question of individual health. Gaining a greater understanding of that, which ails us, will help us understand other elements and obstacles that we collectively need to overcome in order to achieve the intended goals of ensuring a sustained quality of life for future generations.