The inherent design fault lurking at the core of the topological global power structure, and no matter where you look, be it Demonocracy, Communism, or a Dictatorship, these models of organization all suffer the same fundamental design fault, most elegantly articulated in the phrase "The winner takes all!"

The first past the post delivers the advantage of seniority and thus authority. I am the authority so I get to decide everything. The obvious problem can be best envisioned by using a simple analogy. Imagine a congested one-lane highway on which each car must follow the car ahead. The car that enters the highway first is the inevitable winner, seniority winning over speed. This model requires that those in current positions of authority willingly let fitter member´s pass, if there is going to be any change within the hierarchy.

In the case of Demonocracy, those in authority will be highly reluctant (saying the least) to willingly give you their position, thus in reality there is "slim" chance that the fitter memes or players will displace those in power. One election every 4 years between 2 or 3 parties (all much the same) does not reflect a super highway, rather a one-lane highway with temporary leader, much like in a bicycling team race, where the leader changes periodically.

The hawks within Demonocracy have developed a stratagem to avoid captors from escaping their clutches by use of Contract law, binding their prey into legal contracts for fixed terms. Given that one generally has little choice and is ignorant of the true nature of those vying for control in advance, the victims suffer the fate of being cannibalized until such a time that they can legally escape.

The Achilles heel is obvious, if one of those ahead in the hierarchy suffers a breakdown, then those behind suffer, or worse, if the leading authority should by some unfortunate accident decide upon the wrong direction then the fate of all whom are forced to follow orders and stay in line will effectively be doomed.

Competition therefore becomes one of nature´s most cherished elements. But not competition without rules and laws, rather competition where the combatants play according to the regulations of the game, and further are observed closely by an effective adjudicator. Given that many such battles are continuous struggles for authority, often without an obvious end, it becomes necessary that those who fight it out do so before an audience who continuously exercise their own free will and decide for themselves which authority or direction they would like to follow.

Observation is another of nature´s key elements and comes into force during such contests. Given the combatants are being observed, not only do they put on a heartier effort but also that (if we are to observe nature) those observing must effectively be the architects of change by exercising their preferred choice of authority thus themselves effecting the course of events, design, creation, and the development of ideas, etc. which Darwin referred to as natural selection.

This is where we learn most intuitively that "one size does not fit all". There are many challenges, directions, visions, experiences, choices, and paths. No one authority can ever know all the answers to the varied challenges, and nature certainly didn´t leave all the keys under one rock. All of us have our own unique challenges, demands, and requirements and we are ourselves the only ones who can in effect decide the best choice, which will provide us with the most elegant solution, yielding the greatest results.

What is clearly lacking within all previous social systems of governance, but which is perfectly attainable, is a forum where all members of the global community can air their experiences, debates, arguments, conflicts, contests, theorems, and compete under the watchful eyes of a set of referees who ensure fair play, and are ultimately watched with interest by those engaged in the particular areas of expertise being discussed, who then freely choose their preferred choice of victor, given that all the facts are exposed, and all thoughtful arguments have been aired. The emerging victor will be considered the best Navigator for that job, at that time, by that person.

The legal system of Demonocracy instead consists of closed courts that bare witness to conflicts, whereby Judges, whose impartiality is very much in question, often wrongly decide cases leaving victims without any civilized form of justice. The vast majority of victims go without justice, while motivating a minority to adopt other strategies of redress, which at worst culminates in violence.

The system of conflict resolution of Creatocracy will be utterly different in its organization, design, structure, and topology and will certainly provide different results than of Demonocracy.

Direct experience and feedback are found at the core of all self-organizing self-regulating living networks and are the necessary prerequisites of civilized societies.

That means:

1, Providing a platform for all personal experience to be shared in a civilized manor.

2, Allowing experiences to be learned from thus avoiding charlatans.

3, Where exploitation occurs, direct feedback is supplied.