Emergence of Service Providers

Emergence and natural selection are the essential prerequisites of creation that all service providers within the Creatocracy are required to follow. A service provider delivers services to the whole population, such as:

  • Conflict resolution

  • Health

  • Education

  • Fire/Ambulance

  • Energy

  • Policing

  • Military

  • Cleaning/waste managment

All service providers emerge according to need within their local community. They are paid for directly by the members of the Creatocracy, from a special Tax Account. The Tax Account is borrowed from to pay for such services until a person can payoff their loan and start saving for their pension. In a Creatocracy the banking system is an all-encompassing, automatic taxing, lending, saving, benefits and legal redress system, which adapts its function according to the circumstances of the accountholder.

Where inevitable conflicts of ideas arise for example, the best way to provide any community service, the taxed, choose the leader or service provider that offers them the most elegant solution to their individual requirements.

Where conflict of interest results in corruption or exploitation and distress being levied upon any member of the Creatocracy, those involved will be judged accordingly by the principles of the ESS, and by an unbiased Conflict Resolution Provider.

The CRPs will also be subject to the same stringent rules and judgements as anyone else within the society. Any corrupt CRP will be subject to proceedings being brought against them by their victim who can freely choose another higher-ranking CRP to hear their case.

Conflict Resolution Providers

CRPs operate according to the principles of an Evolutionary Stable Strategy (ESS). For this reason the following principles and rules MUST be adhered too by all CRPs within the Creatocracy.

  • The entire basis of the law stems from the principle "Thou should not exploit another´s distress!" or, "One man should not make his happiness from another mans unhappiness". Thereby ensuring that "good" business is when "everyone" is happy. Though this would be mitigated if personal negligence is the cause of the distress.

  • One will not levy distress on behalf of another to gain market dominance "I was only doing my job" whilst levying distress will be regarded as an admission of guilt by the person levying distress.

  • Punishment is based upon the Tit for Tat strategy, which is regulated and decided by an unbiased open selection of society (i.e. according to a jury, not a single judge!).

  • Cases will be decided before a group of highly connected (respected) hubs (the jury) who have been chosen for their understanding of such issues. (Specialist courts can be established if necessary.)

  • Plaintiffs will be given swift and open access to a choice of courts, which have organically grown and are not biased. Hence, are not implemented and controlled from the top down but emerge according to specific need.

  • Plaintiffs are not excluded from gaining redress because of hurdles such as cost of bringing cases. The cases are brought according to the nature of the injustice, regardless of the capabilities of the victim, who may be incapacitated.

  • The law is not cast in stone. Whilst legal protection may derive from contracts and written laws, the sole decision as to the outcome of any case is derived from a jury who are free to decide guilt and punishment as they wish according to evidence and their own moral sense of right and wrong.

  • Nasty Plaintiffs, who try to abuse the Conflict Resolution System by using it to levy undue distress upon competitors, would be subject to charges of levying distress and charged accordingly.

  • The Creatobank reimburses victims of crime directly from offender´s bank accounts, who are compensated for their loss. Compensation will cover only actual injury. Ensuring the victim takes every reasonable effort to limit their losses.

In todays society, a Nasty person can levy distress by steeling, embezzling, or profiteering. He can then take the money from his victims, and hide his nasty proceeds in a tax-haven. Such is the complexity of the current banking system that money is practically impossible to trace.

The Creatobank

A new banking system has been designed into our Creatocracy. This is designed as a central all-encompassing system, which is responsible for exchange of all assets within the Creatocracy. The Creatobank is responsible for maintaining the accounts of service providers, and people. The planed currency (Creatolla) is not a tangible commodity such liquid cash, I.e. it does not exist outside the bank but rather exists internally only. The currency essentially does not travel anywhere and always remains in the Creatobank. The Creatobank holds a record of debt between account holders, is responsible for all tax deductions and enforces fines imposed by any of the Conflict Resolution Providers. This obstructs people trying to avoid tax, or profiteer by unlawful methods.

Maintaining Currency Stability!

The new currency Creatolla has been designed according to the principles of the ESS and emergence, in the sense that it organically enlarges according to energy expanded by members of the Creatocracy and according to the principles of a Mathematically Perfect Economy. This means that the currency is kept stable, and remains void of the continuious decptive inflation which is the hallmark of all other curriences. Loans are not subject to interest. The Creatobank is a non-profitable organisation and is the heart of the Creatocracy.

This is very different from the current market system; in which currencies are not indexed to a fixed position but rather adjust according to the perception of the market and according to the amount of actual currency in circulation. As such, wealth presently gravitates towards the safest currency or commodity. This is in conflict with the nature of an Evolutionary Stable Economy, because in the current system many aggressive countries levy distress upon their competitors in order to gain market share.

In such a situation it is possible that where distress is levied (threat of war, war, sanctions) upon a victim state or commodity, those holding assets within the distressed zone, in order to save their assets have to buy into safer investments. These investments are normally in zones where the aggressors of such distress originate. As such, the aggressors get richer, and the victims of distress, poorer.

The currency Creatolla, also differs from the current system in that the Creatolla is not subject to segregated inflation. Segregated inflation is a form of distress, which is levied upon society by way of printing more money, which is then allocated according to the principles of the government in power. As a result economic power shifts from the whole popultion to those closest the generation of the new additional money. Thus the tide is always going out, whilst the population is driven ever harder to catch up. This is against nature´s laws of an Evolutionary Stable Strategy because it generates profits for one group by indiscriminately levying distress upon the wider community.

In a Mathematically Perfect Economy, the currency is not subject to segregated inflation, but rather remains consistently indexed to the complete value of the circulating money. For example, say there is 1K Creatolla´s circulating between 5 people. But another 5 people wanted to join the group. The five new members would be giving the opportunity to borrow Creatolla´s from the Creatobank like the other five players did when they first joined the bank. The Creatobank would then create the borrowed currency in the person´s Creatobank account.

Hence, the circulating currency would not be diluted between the 10 people. Instead the currency would remain indexed to the energy of those in the Creatocracy! Their initial debt would then be accrued according to the energy that they expelled and worth they create, to which point their accounts would accumulate a credit, and then later be used for their pension.