This is an initial outline of what a Creatocracy looks like. A more detailed map will emerge as time passes and critiques improve its weaker components. Over the coming term we will develop this plan into a strong formidable adversary to what is already a feeble and imploding competitor, Demonocracy shoulder to shoulder with Capital-Prison.

Intuition continually shouts herself horse, while we ignore nature´s examples at our peril! The frustrations we commonly suffer are caused by fundamental contrasts between what nature posses as stable examples for us to emulate, and what we determine to be in our own best interest whilst we race to exploit short term weakness and so-called naivety and innocence.

Whilst ideas and talk illuminate the terrain, these in themselves are not solutions. Needed is the strength and audacity to challenge the demonic gatekeepers of living hell with truth and determination. To build a Creatocracy will require more than politely seeking the permission from politicians that have proven untrustworthy time and again. Their apparent incompetence and ignorance is rather made up for by their cunning and deception.

You will not find Creatocracy members demonstrating or marching to ardent bureaucrats begging they change their habits of a lifetime. Instead you will see us dancing to the rhythm and tune of nature.

We are designing our blueprint with other "eccentric rebels" and together we will create the controlling systems and software that we talk about. What will emerge will naturally be the fittest operating system that our planet has yet seen, and the harmony from our satisfaction will be undeniably beautiful.