Specialist Assemblies

Where specialist decisions are required that ultimately affect everyone within the community, it may be necessary from time to time to employ the efforts of a Specialist Assembly (SA) who is responsible for the difficult decisions. In such cases a SA is compiled to facilitate those decisions.

To explain how the people of these SAs are allocated we need to explore the mathematical model inspired by the Erd–s number. Finding the most central Nodes (specialists) within any network may depend upon the different types of links and upon the genres that are nominated for inclusion. The SA could be made from communities such as designers, directors, researchers, teachers, engineers, etc.

SA can also be made up of mixtures of different genres of specialists depending upon the needs of the Creatocracy. The criteria for how the specialists are linked to their community can vary. For example, in Hollywood, there is a similar mathematical example inspired by the Erd–s number called the "Oracle of Bacon". The most central stars are those who have co-stared in the most Hollywood films with other highly featured stars.

With the example of the Erd–s Number, mathematicians have the lowest Erd–s Number because Paul Erd–s primarily published joint papers with other mathematicians. However, what we consider to be the central nodes (specialists) might instead be choosen based upon the most "cited" instead of as in the Erd–s example, those who published papers "jointly".

With different requirements for what counts as a link and with different types of specialists required, it is possible to compile an assembly for any community. By using this method the very most respected hubs (stars) can be assembled without relying upon arbitrary random factors as is done in Demonocracies, where the most advertised or the most featured model in the media becomes the star.

For example, if the wider community wanted the most well known bureaucrats to decide, then the criteria for the SA might be based upon the amount of interviews each has done in the media over the last year. Once this was calculated and the central stars found, these bureaucrats would then grant the wider community its wish.

However, if the wider community desired the most popular Directors of French films in the last week to decide, then the criteria for the SA might be the amount of cinema tickets sold over the previous week to each French film. By calculating the average amount of tickets sold to each film we find the most popular (central) French film director and so on.

When the Creatocracy require a SA to make a difficult decision, the members of the community decide upon the types of specialists desired, the types of links, and the number of specialists required. These significant choices can be decided by vote of the wider community or by a niche community made up only from the people whose lives are affected. When disputes arise specialist CRPs settle them with the jury when necessary assembled using the SA model.

Using this formula to build SA ensures that those making important decisions are not selected by cronyism without previous history and are not allocated from the top down, but rather instead are indeed the most central stars within their sectors.

Positive Promotion Assembly

This assembly is made up from a group of respected individuals within the Creatocracy who have been selected for their ability and sensitivity towards discovering trends, fashions, viruses, or quality, and their ability to spread ideas within the community.

Sprinkled among us are a handful of people with a truly extraordinary knack of making friends and acquaintances. They are connectors. Connectors are an extremely important component of our social network. They create trends and fashions, make important deals, spread fads, or help launch projects. They are the threads of society, smoothly bringing together different races, levels of education and pedigrees.


Sprinkled among us are a handful of people with a truly extraordinary intuitive capability for discovering new methods, formula´s, and ideas. They are our Navigators. Navigators are an extremely important component of our social network. They take chances they discover new toys, solutions, fads you name it. They are societies guinea pigs, they are the first to test, try, examine and review every new creation.

These two important components are brought together within the Positive Promotion Assembly to collectively discover and promote the worthiest creations, products and concepts. The Creatocracy members establish the criteria for inclusion within the assembly. The criteria could be allocated according to how many acquaintances one had, or allocated according to whom was the most respected designer, artist, critique/reviewer of new concepts and ideas.

This agency then is responsible for discovering and promoting worthy concepts, etc. to the greater community. Using the taxed revenue supplied by the CRPs.

Creative Financing Assembly: Aid and support for Providers and Developers

In the cold, corrupt, unfortunate world where we are currently exploited, robed and abused at every opportunity, it is no surprise to learn that there is little support offered to eccentric rebels, who threaten to challenge the preceding forms and structures of the old order.

In a Creatocracy, we believe in the creative force of discovery and in going where none has gone before. Eccentricity and rebels are encouraged to overthrow the forms and concepts that we are currently resigned. Rewards are granted to worthy creators in their pursuits. Grants will be given upon the potential value of the work versus the risks of research, and according to the ambition of the project that developers are involved.

Creative researchers and developers can apply to the Creative Financing Assembly (CFA) to gain support. The CFA is a SA made up from a group of eclectic creators, designers, artist´s etc. who already have made relevant achievements within the community. Each year the wider community votes on the criteria of genres to be included and types of links. Thus the SA changes according to who are considered the most centrally connected specialists, and the criterion selected.

The budget which the assembly grants to creative ventures is also agreed upon yearly by vote of the wider community, and paid by all taxpayers as an essential collective requirement. In particular circumstances when the Creatocracy is faced with important ambitions or challenges the CFA can request extra support of the members of the wider community to allocate to such adventures.

Applicants can apply for grants for ventures such as making films for the wider community, or putting on art exhibitions, or writing novels, onto diverse projects such as designing clean energy systems or building pyramids. The projects will be decided by the CFA.

The CFA can be approached by anyone with a creative plan who requires support. Plans would normally be decided upon within two months of application and once their application has been evaluated, the CFA announces supported projects. Those projects that are funded remain the property of the wider community and when they come to fruition will be made available to the Creatocracy members. The creative eccentric rebels that developed the concepts will be paid by the Creatocracy for their finished results and encouraged to continue working on projects with the CFA.

Monkey Markets (AKA Stock Markets)

In an autonomous Creatocracy, there is no central big brother that dictates general policy or decisions, rather such decisions are made by SA juries in CRPs and based upon the laws of the ESS (nice strategies) in accordance with the circumstances or environment of the players. As such, it cannot be decided for sure what the future impact would be upon the stock markets. However, a significant portion of the companies that are currently traded would be affected by the change of environmental laws and tax polices of the Creatocracy. Hence, the nature of the current stock markets would have to evolve to ensure that they were not in breach of the laws of the CRPs.

Housing Snakes and Ladders

The current practice of banks loaning money for people to buy houses, which is paid back over long terms with interest, is one of the factors that results in ever increasing prices for homes. Another is simply the amount of new currency in circulation. Another is high demand. Those already holding such assets are effectively insulated from this inflation (as their assets rise with inflation) whilst those that are without assets are exploited.

In a Creatocracy, Collective Financing Councils emerge to create housing projects for the wider community to rent. These homes whilst affordable, remain stable in rent, and are competitively designed to reflect the widest possible quality and choice. The difference between the CFC housing and the Demonocracy "social housing systems" is one of choice, profitability, and accountability. All of which are not offered in the latter but are fundamental features of CFCs.