As the Creatocracy plan is unraveled, we will venture into many areas, exploring the nature of how sometimes apparently unconnected themes interact. Subjects from mathematics, to psychology, electronics, computers, software design, business, politics, economics, biology, law, the arts, networks, and societies, all share fundamental laws of nature, beautiful by their sheer complexity, and exist because of the creative spirit that utterly engages us while we venture through creations game.

Our primary interest within the Creatocracy is to determine which of the many possible potential Navigators will guide us through these difficult and interesting times. Becoming a Navigator is so prized that the consequences many are willing to risk in order to bask in egocentric glory is far too treacherous to leave to faith, chance or trust alone.

We will explore the process of how we select these Navigators, their motives, their history, knowledge, experiences, their chances of success based on their past ventures. Only through experimentation and through a process of individually determined selection and de-selection, based on direct personal feedback, will there be any real technique of ensuring that those who do rise to great positions of authority, will process qualities of the finest caliber which will be necessary to guide us through these times.

Yet at this difficult but timely juncture, the challenge to build such a structure, that fulfills the ambition and true spirit of creation´s wisdom, which is the objective of the Creatocracy project, is so audacious that in normal times would be conceived of as utter insanity. But these are no ordinary times. We are currently facing such serious challenges that go beyond the scope of this introduction and that without such an audacious path being taken, the consequences will inevitably be fatal.

However, this is no doomsday prediction, quite the opposite. There is every reason to believe from natures past challenges and ingenious solutions, that the necessary task of restoring the health of our sick and desperate global civilization is achievable. Nature has faced many tougher challenges and with her guidance I have absolute belief that her wisdom and truth can defeat even the most ardent and pessimistic non-believers.

We will start by exploring one of the most distressing yet challenging aspects of life, that of chronic illness. Much like the global malaise that civilization is facing, it is without doubt one of the very best places we could start this journey, because here we find within distress and suffering some of the most remarkable endeavors. Capacities of endurance, résistance, courage, determination, persistence, tenacity, and even madness, are precisely the qualities that nature so desperately desires of her true Navigators.